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Top 6 Flavors of the Looper XL Lifted Series Delta Disposable Vape

Are you ready to explore the exciting world of Looper XL Lifted Series Delta disposable vapes? At, we bring you the top six flavors that offer an unparalleled vaping experience. Each vape is packed with 3000mg of premium content, a rechargeable battery, and user-friendly features to enhance your vaping pleasure. Let's dive into the details!

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1. Blue Gusher (Hybrid)

Blue Gusher is a delightful hybrid flavor that combines the best of both worlds. With its sweet and tangy taste, it provides a balanced experience that relaxes your body while keeping your mind alert. This flavor is perfect for any time of day.

Contains: Hemp Deriven 11-Hydroxy-THC, THCP2, & Terpenes.

2. Forbidden Fruit (Indica)

Forbidden Fruit is an indica-dominant flavor known for its rich, fruity taste and calming effects. It’s ideal for unwinding after a long day, helping you to relax and enjoy a peaceful evening. The sweet, tropical notes make every puff a treat.

Contains: HHC 2220MG, 11-Hydroxy-THC 200MG, Delta 8 200MG, THCP 145MG, THCH 75MG & Terpenes

3. Amnesia Haze (Sativa)

Amnesia Haze is a sativa flavor that packs a punch of citrusy goodness. Known for its uplifting and energizing effects, this flavor is perfect for starting your day with a burst of creativity and motivation. Enjoy the zesty, refreshing taste with every inhale.

Contains: HHC 2500MG, THCP 155MG, THCB 115MG, THCH 110MG & Terpenes.

4. Grape Ape (Indica)

Grape Ape is a classic indica flavor with a strong, grape-like taste. Its soothing effects are perfect for relaxing your body and mind, making it a great choice for nighttime use. The rich, fruity flavor will leave you feeling satisfied and calm.

Contains: Hemp Derived THCP2, THCB, THCH, & Terpenes.

5. Apple Sherbet (Sativa)

Apple Sherbet is a sativa flavor that offers a sweet and tangy apple taste. This flavor is known for its invigorating and uplifting effects, making it perfect for daytime use. Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of apples with every puff.

Contains: HHC 2300MG, 11-Hydroxy-THC 200MG, THCP 150MG, THCB 40MG, and Terpenes.

6. Mimosa (Hybrid)

Mimosa is a delightful hybrid flavor that combines citrus and tropical notes for a refreshing experience. It offers a balanced effect, making it suitable for both day and night use. The vibrant taste will lift your spirits and keep you feeling great.

Contains: HHC 2400MG, THCP 150MG, THCB 65MG, THCJD 60MG & Terpenes.

Features and Specifications

The Looper XL Lifted Series Delta disposable vapes come pre-filled with 3000mg of premium blends, including HHC-P, Delta 8, THCP2, THCH, 11-Hydroxy-THC, and THCB. The rechargeable battery via USB-C ensures you can enjoy every last puff.

Each device includes a pre-heat mechanism and easy-to-use button controls:

  • Press 5 times quickly to turn on/off.
  • Press 2 times to pre-heat.
  • Press 3 times to change temperature settings.
  • Hold the button and inhale to take a hit. (Recommended hit time: 1 second)

On average, each device provides around 2000 puffs.

Average Street Price

The average street price for the Looper XL Lifted Series Delta disposable vape ranges from $28.99 to $59.99, depending on the flavor and retailer. For the best deals and exclusive offers, shop directly at currently offering a sale at $23.95.

Storage and Compliance

For the best experience, store your vape in a cool, dry environment. Avoid exposing it to extreme hot or cold conditions to maintain its quality.

Our products comply with section 10113 of the 2018 farm bill and contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, ensuring they are safe and legal to use.

Checking the Certificate of Analysis (COA)

On the back of each vape box, you’ll find a QR code that links to the Lab results or Certificate of Analysis (COA). For a better understanding of what a COA is and why it’s important, check out our blog titled: Understanding the Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Experience the best flavors with Looper XL Lifted Series Delta disposable vapes, available now at Enjoy the convenience, quality, and exceptional taste with every puff!