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Cheetah Piss - Modus Knockout Blend Disposable Vape 3G

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Product Description

Experience the Bold and Exhilarating Cheetah Piss Hybrid Flavor from Modus (Medusa) Knockout Blend Disposable Vapes Embrace the wild side with this 3G vape, a perfect amalgamation of robust cannabinoids and a daring flavor profile, crafted for those who dare to explore the extraordinary in vaping.

Cheetah Piss – A Hybrid Adventure:

  • Flavor Profile: Cheetah Piss offers an adventurous blend of intense and exotic flavors, a tribute to the untamed spirit of the wild. This Hybrid blend strikes an ideal balance between the uplifting buzz of Sativa and the calming embrace of Indica.
  • Cannabinoid Fusion: Expertly blended with Delta-8, THC-O, and THC-P, this vape provides a rich and diverse experience. In some states, Delta-10 replaces THC-O for legal compliance.
  • Live Resin & Terpenes: Dive into the bold and full-bodied flavor profile, enriched with the highest quality Live Resin and naturally derived Terpenes.

Superior Vaping Experience:

  • Capacity: Generously filled with 3G (3000mg) for long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Battery Life: Features an integrated rechargeable battery for consistent and reliable use.
  • Ceramic Heating: Ensures smooth vapor production thanks to its high-quality ceramic coil.
  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-use with a draw-activated firing mechanism.
  • LED Battery Indicator: Conveniently monitors your device’s battery life.
  • Robust Construction: Made with a durable polycarbonate body, combining resilience with sleek design.
  • Type-C Charging: Supports fast and easy charging, enhancing user convenience.

Safety and Quality Assurance:

  • No Unwanted Additives: Committed to delivering a pure and uncompromised vaping experience.
  • Rigorously Lab-Tested: Each batch is thoroughly tested to guarantee potency, purity, and safety.

Certificate of Analysis (COA):

Cheetah Piss - Modus Knockout Blend Disposable Vape 3G - COA

Why Choose Cheetah Piss Hybrid?

Cheetah Piss isn't just a vape; it's a statement. Ideal for those who seek a vape that stands out with its bold flavor and balanced effects. Whether it’s for an adventurous day or a relaxing evening, Cheetah Piss is your go-to for an unforgettable experience.

Try Cheetah Piss Today:

Ready for an adventure? The Cheetah Piss Hybrid flavor in the Modus Knockout Blend Disposable Vape is available now at Step into the wild side of flavor and balanced potency with Cheetah Piss!

Available Options:

  • Apple Fritter
  • Cereal Milk
  • Cheetah Piss
  • Gods Gift
  • Green Crack
  • Purple Barnie
  • Sour Diesel

WARNINGS: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including beta-myrcene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Cheetah Piss - Modus Knockout Blend Disposable Vape 3G