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How to Use a Viva La Hemp Disposable Vape: A Complete Guide

Viva La Hemp disposable vapes are a convenient and enjoyable way to experience delta derivative products. In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to get started with your Viva La Hemp disposable vape, including tips and maintenance advice.

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Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the specifics, it's essential to understand what a Viva La Hemp disposable vape is. These vapes are designed for ease of use and convenience, requiring no refilling or complicated setup. Each device contains a proprietary blend of cannabinoids derived from industrial hemp and botanical terpenes, providing a smooth and flavorful experience.

Getting Started

Getting started with your Viva La Hemp device is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you begin:

  1. Purchase Your Device: Ensure you buy your Viva La Hemp vape from a reputable source. At Delta Cloudz you will be able to find all your favorite flavors available and enjoy fast shipping.
  2. Read the Instructions: Before using, read the included manual to familiarize yourself with the device’s operation.


When you unbox your Viva La Hemp disposable vape, you’ll find the following items:

  • The Viva La Hemp disposable vape device
  • A charging cable (if applicable)
  • An instruction manual

Inspect the contents to ensure everything is included and undamaged.


Although many disposable vapes come pre-charged, it’s a good idea to fully charge your device before use. Here’s how:

  1. Connect the Charging Cable: Plug the provided charging cable into the vape and a power source.
  2. Indicator Light: Most devices have an indicator light that shows charging status. Wait until it signals a full charge.
  3. Avoid Overcharging: Disconnect the device once it’s fully charged to prevent battery damage.

Device Compatibility

The Viva La Hemp disposable vape is designed for single-use and is not compatible with other cartridges or devices. Ensure you use it as intended to avoid malfunction or damage.

Features and Tips

Understanding the features of your Viva La Hemp disposable vape will enhance your vaping experience:

  • Push Button Operation: The device uses a push button to operate. Press the button five times quickly to turn the device on or off.
  • Temperature Control: Press the button three times to change the heating temperature.
  • Pre-Heating: Press the button twice to pre-heat the device.
  • Inhale to Activate: Press and hold the button while inhaling to take a hit.

Useful Tips:

  • Storage: Store your vape in a cool, dry place, upright, and away from extreme temperatures.
  • Serving Suggestion: The manufacturer suggests a one-second pull for optimal enjoyment, with the device providing approximately 1500 pulls.

Quick Charging

For quick charging:

  1. Use a Compatible Charger: Always use the charger provided or one recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. Short Charging Sessions: Frequent short charging sessions are better than prolonged charging periods.


Maintaining your Viva La Hemp disposable vape is simple:

  • Keep it Clean: Wipe the exterior with a dry cloth to remove any dust or residue.
  • Proper Storage: Store it properly when not in use to prevent damage.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a satisfying and long-lasting experience with your Viva La Hemp disposable vape. Happy vaping!